Virtusa Placement Paper I

 Virtusa Placement Paper & Interview Pattern on 2010

3. programming ability
4.domain knowledge (C or Java)
5.learning ability
6.English test

Verbal Section consists of questions like Articles, prepositions, correction of sentences etc.

Analytical Section consists of some reasoning questions like coding and decoding series, reading comprehensions and some aptitude questions.

Programming ability and domain knowledge questions consists of questions like find out the output and some questions on data structures like.

Question: Which is the worst case complexity of quick sort?
Questions are bit easy but time taking .Programming ability questions consists of questions like finding the output of program which consist of some 24 loops etc

Learning ability Section in this section they will give a passage we have to read in 10 minutes. we have see main points of the passage and remember them .they will take off the paper and will give paper consisting of 10 questions on paper .they wont even allow us to write on a paper while reading the passage. so guys. be careful while reading. I got a passage on “usage of plastic bags” .

English test .We have given a situation like
Digi comp company gives a printer cartridge free for every PC.One customer got a complaint with cartridge and reported it to company. imagine you are the company manager and write a letter to the customer indicating that you will replace the cartridge if necessary and also send their technician. we have completed the exam and waited for nearly 5 hrs for results. finally we got results at about 8 p.m. and i got short listed for technical interview. The next day we had technical interview.

Technical Interview was a stress interview for me. The interviewer criticized me on my resume. and i kept smiling at him whatever he speak guys .they will test our patience. be cool and confident while answering your questions. that’s it you can crack the interview be prepared for data structures and C. I was short listed for HR round .it was very cool .he asked me some general hr questions like ..why virtusa?. tell me about yourself, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses. and at last our results were announced at morning 3.30 AM. and finally I got placed in virtusa. I think my experience would help you to get through virtusa placement..